How to Lose Weight by Eating Seasonally

By Carrie | Weight Loss

Have you ever bought fruits or veggies with the intention of eating healthfully, only to be so disappointed by the flavor and texture that you toss it out and end up grabbing whatever is close at hand?

That can make it difficult to stick to our weight loss program and reach that healthy weight.

What is usually the problem? Ah, the produce is out of season. It was probably grown far away, harvested before it was fully ripe, and traveled way too many miles before you took a bite. Produce that has been allowed to fully ripen in the sun taste amazing! Freshly picked produce has the optimal flavor – crispy, fragrant, juicy and colorful.

Health experts and chefs agree that you should eat "seasonally," or include foods in your diet that are grown at the same time of the year you eat them.  Beyond a better flavor experience, here are a few more reasons that will make it easier to reach your weight loss goals.

Seasonal food costs much less

When you buy food that's at the peak of its supply, it costs less for farmers and distribution companies to harvest and deliver to your local store. And as we've just learned, the quality is at its peak!

You get such a wide variety of food which makes it easier to lose weight

Have you felt that “I'm so bored with my choices” feeling when trying to lose weight?  Just look at this list of foods available throughout the year!

You can not only broaden your palate, but these incredible choices may also expose you to dishes and ingredients you may not have otherwise explored.

We need to nourish our bodies while losing weight and eating healthy foods at their peak flavor and nutritional value can make the weight loss process so much easier.

And what better to give us that extra motivation to eat well than delicious, beautiful fruits and veggies at their prime.

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