Life-Changing All Natural Coconut Oil Soap

By Carrie | Podcast

Listen as Jason Tay shares the story of the life changing Prema Touch All Natural Coconut Oil Soap.   Scroll to bottom of post and click to hear podcast.

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PremaTouch products are made by Nepalese women who have been rescued from trafficking in Kolkata, India.

Each of their signature coconut oil based soap bars tells a woman’s story from slavery to freedom.

Coconut Oil has gained widespread recognition as a wonderful natural oil. It’s wide range of uses include being taken as a supplement and applied on to the body for skin care. 

PremaTouch Soap is all natural and FREE from SLS, parabens and harmful chemicals.                                                             This is an excellent soap for those with eczema, skin conditions, skin allergies, or just improving overall health.

All of their soap is handmade by women who have been set FREE from trafficking and now work and live in a safe and loving environment.   PremaTouch soap sets you free from chemicals and sets trafficked women free from slavery and poverty.

Play a part in creating sustainable employment and providing opportunities for more women to be freed from sex trafficking by purchasing and sharing PremaTouch.

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