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It's definitely been a journey to focus on natural health and wellness because some days I wildly succeed and some days I could eat the whole carton of ice cream. So I learn and grow and write and share. And as we stick together and encourage each other, we can reap the rewards! to Live younger longer and Look younger longer!

Life-Changing All Natural Coconut Oil Soap

By Carrie | Podcast , Weight Loss

Listen as Jason Tay shares the story of the life changing Prema Touch All Natural Coconut Oil Soap.   Scroll to bottom of post and click to hear podcast.

Link to PremaTouch website

PremaTouch products are made by Nepalese women who have been rescued from trafficking in Kolkata, India.

Each of their signature coconut oil based soap bars tells a woman’s story from slavery to freedom.

Coconut Oil has gained widespread recognition as a wonderful natural oil. It’s wide range of uses include being taken as a supplement and applied on to the body for skin care. 

PremaTouch Soap is all natural and FREE from SLS, parabens and harmful chemicals.                                                             This is an excellent soap for those with eczema, skin conditions, skin allergies, or just improving overall health.

All of their soap is handmade by women who have been set FREE from trafficking and now work and live in a safe and loving environment.   PremaTouch soap sets you free from chemicals and sets trafficked women free from slavery and poverty.

Play a part in creating sustainable employment and providing opportunities for more women to be freed from sex trafficking by purchasing and sharing PremaTouch.

Food Fixes to Curb your Cravings the Healthy Way

By Carrie | Protein , Weight Loss

Our good intentions to eat healthy can so easily be ruined by cravings for less than virtuous snacks and treats.

But don’t despair!  Choosing natural foods can always help you stay on track, with a healthy, wholesome solution for every unwelcome craving.

infographic from

And sometimes we need extra easy. When we choose a energizing smoothie over a fizzy sodas or ultra caffeinated energy drinks, it only takes a minute to get the calcium, probiotics, omega 3’s and protein that our body is asking for. Try this recipe that uses ultra pure Life Energizing Shake

Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

By Carrie | Protein , Weight Loss

What a delicious Protein Shake that is low in sugar, high in Protein ( the best for weight loss) and so darn healthy! Perfect for breakfast and anytime you deserve a tasty break ( which is all the time, right?)

And with the Life Energizing Shake, you know its non gmo, with only the best ingredients and no artificial anything. It's time to get your pumpkin on!  

Get your pumpkin pie fix with a protein-packed shake.


2 scoops Pumpkin Spice Life Energizing Shake

1 cup milk of choice

1 graham cracker

1/2 cup pumpkin puree

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

1 1/4 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

1/2 cup ice


Combine all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth and enjoy! Optional: Add graham cracker crumbles on top.

Whip cream pictured is optional.

How to Lose Weight by Eating Seasonally

By Carrie | Weight Loss

Have you ever bought fruits or veggies with the intention of eating healthfully, only to be so disappointed by the flavor and texture that you toss it out and end up grabbing whatever is close at hand?

That can make it difficult to stick to our weight loss program and reach that healthy weight.

What is usually the problem? Ah, the produce is out of season. It was probably grown far away, harvested before it was fully ripe, and traveled way too many miles before you took a bite. Produce that has been allowed to fully ripen in the sun taste amazing! Freshly picked produce has the optimal flavor – crispy, fragrant, juicy and colorful.

Health experts and chefs agree that you should eat "seasonally," or include foods in your diet that are grown at the same time of the year you eat them.  Beyond a better flavor experience, here are a few more reasons that will make it easier to reach your weight loss goals.

Seasonal food costs much less

When you buy food that's at the peak of its supply, it costs less for farmers and distribution companies to harvest and deliver to your local store. And as we've just learned, the quality is at its peak!

You get such a wide variety of food which makes it easier to lose weight

Have you felt that “I'm so bored with my choices” feeling when trying to lose weight?  Just look at this list of foods available throughout the year!

You can not only broaden your palate, but these incredible choices may also expose you to dishes and ingredients you may not have otherwise explored.

We need to nourish our bodies while losing weight and eating healthy foods at their peak flavor and nutritional value can make the weight loss process so much easier.

And what better to give us that extra motivation to eat well than delicious, beautiful fruits and veggies at their prime.

Add Yummy Produce to Smoothies and Protein Shakes

A great way to use these tasty produce is to add them to smoothies. Here’s the best protein shake for women to lose weight.

Can Stress Prevent You From Losing Weight?

Can Stress Prevent You From Losing Weight?

By Carrie | Weight Loss

Can Stress Prevent You From Losing Weight?

Does this sound a bit like your mornings?

Your alarm goes off and you jump out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and head for the shower. Before you get out the door, you have kids, dogs, and maybe even a spouse to get ready besides yourself. You grab something to eat and head out the door.

And that’s  just the morning.

Our day to day lives are stressful enough, but then there are credit-card bills, computer problems, and 24-hour news shows broadcasting increasing worldwide tensions. Cell phones keep us close to our family and friends, but they also keep us close to work and people who need things from us. Add to that, what psychologists call major stressors such as losing a loved one, moving, changing jobs, or other large life event and you have a cocktail for stress and anxiety.

Stress is a way of life in our modern world, whether we like it or not.

Does our Stress Affect our Weight?

Have you ever noticed that you eat more when you are stressed? It is common when people are first exposed to a stress to lose their appetite but when stress becomes chronic their appetite increases. This is one of the ways that scientists have been able to link our weight gain to how stressed out we are, but it goes much deeper than that.

It turns out that being stressed releases chemicals in our bodies that tend to increase our weight. These stress hormones were never meant to be turned on for a long time. The hormones (mostly cortisol) work well when a tiger jumps out at us but when it is running around in our bodies most of the time, due to the many stressors in our lives, it leads to weight gain.


But You Have the Best Stress-Busting tool!

Some call it exercise, but some call it using the stairs, riding my bike, or dancing. You basically Get Moving!

Not only are you being active (which tells your body that you are getting away from that tiger), but you are also releasing another set of chemicals that tell you that you are okay and everything is going to be fine.

When You Get Moving, You Increases Endorphins

Brain chemicals called endorphins are released when you exercise. These chemicals are responsible for the "runner's high" some people feel when they run. Endorphins help us feel calm and happy.

Exercise Has the Same Great Effects as Meditation:

Exercise takes your concentration off of your daily worries and turns that focus to the game you are playing, the mountain you are trying to climb, or the friend you are out on a walk with. Like meditation, exercise takes you out of your head and puts the focus on your body and the present.

Yes, Exercise Will Improve Your Mood 

Regular exercise tends to increase self-confidence and contentment. Research has shown that exercise works for reducing anxiety and improving mood.[i]

Research has shown that exercise works for reducing anxiety and improving mood.[i]

Can Stress Prevent You From Losing Weight?

Exercise doesn't have to be anything complicated to reduce stress.

Choose activities that you enjoy and can do regularly. Fitting activity into a daily routine can be easy — such as taking a brisk 10-minute walk to and from the parking lot, bus stop, or subway station. Or, join an exercise class. Keep it interesting by trying something different on alternate days. Every little bit adds up and doing something is better than doing nothing.

Do your best to do at least 10 minutes of activity at a time, shorter bursts of activity will not have as many health benefits. For example, walking the dog for 10 minutes before and after work or adding a 10-minute walk at lunchtime can add to your weekly goal. Mix it up. Swim, take a yoga class, garden or lift weights. To be ready anytime, keep some comfortable clothes and a pair of walking or running shoes in the car and at the office.


9 Best Morning Snacks for Weight Loss

By Carrie | Weight Loss

It’s the middle of the morning. Breakfast is now a forgotten memory and lunch is soooo far away. Weight loss is your priority but girl, you're getting hungry! It's not only distracting you but it's frustrating. And you don't want to cave in and grab anything in sight.  But wait! There's good news. Experts say it’s actually way better to reach for a mid-morning snack—and this is especially true if you’re trying to lose weight. 

You Might Gain Weight, Not Lose It

The time between your breakfast and your lunch ( 4 to 5 hours ) is plenty long enough for the average person to feel down right hungry. In your efforts trudge through until noon,  you might, in a brave effort to save calories, actually be putting yourself on the path to gaining weight, not losing it. Because the hungrier you are at lunchtime, the more likely you are to overeat.

And what you don't want is for your body to kick into starvation mode where you start retaining calories that you would normally expend. You know the vending machine and its array of chips and candy bars cannot be good! The answer?

A nutrient-dense mid-morning snack will give your body the energy it needs before lunch.

Healthy Mid Morning Snack

So what make a snack healthy and will actually help you lose weight? Well ideally they should provide:

  • At least 3 grams of protein. (here is an excellent source)
  • A minimum of 3 grams of fiber.
  • Less than 8 grams of added sugar.
  •  Less than 200 calories 

A little fat and carbs are OK but you want to focus on protein and fiber since those are the nutrients to tide you over until lunch. Here are some of my favorite (and nutritionist approved ) mid morning snacks to make sure you get some great nutrition and energy to help meet your weight loss goals.

Protein or Granola Bar 

What is easier to grab for a quick snack than a protein or granola bar?  The challenge is that many of the popular bars are very high in sugar and calories ( see our ideal list above) One choice is Kind’s Nuts & Spices Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar. How does it stack up? Seven grams of fiber, six grams of protein, and only five grams of sugar. It’s a great  snack, especially if you are craving something sweet. Here is another excellent choice with 10 grams of Protein

Cheese and Apple Slices 

One tasty option you can choose is Mini Babybel cheese that is wrapped in individual servings. These are great for mid-morning snacks. They will provide you with four grams of fiber and will only run you 70 calories. I often use my apple slicer to cut up an apple and toss it in a reusable container or a little baggie. So convenient and now you’ve bumped up your fiber content even more!

Berries and Plain Greek Yogurt

Can you believe this creamy snack is packed with 20 grams of protein and the berries make a wonderful fiber addition that is also low calorie. Being smooth and delicious is a welcome bonus.

Handful of Pistachios

Needing help to slow down while munching on your snack? Shelling these crunchy Pistachios will do just that. With six grams of protein and three grams of fiber per ounce, you’ll not only benefit from a nutritious snack but you can take your time munching.

Hard Boiled Egg and an Orange 

Missed your power packed protein at breakfast? why not have second breakfast. Hard boil a half-dozen eggs on the weekend and save in the fridge to enjoy during the week when you’re feeling a.m. hunger pains. If you combine with  a medium orange, you get a perfect combination of protein, fat, and fiber.

Low Fat Cottage Cheese and Banana 

Don’t forget cottage cheese! What a great source of protein at 14 grams  per ½ cup. When you add a small banana you now have three grams of fiber to keep you feeling full. Another favorite of mine is a few fresh pineapple tidbits swirled into my cottage cheese. Here’s where the sky is the limit.


Now this is a fun snack to eat and it’s an excellent source of protein and fiber. It just take a minute to enjoy desk side, when you steam some in the microwave and nosh away.

Cracker and Almond Butter 

Can you believe two WASA Fiber Crispbreads are only 60 calories? (And they contain three grams of fiber each) But don’t stop there.  Make your crackers more satiating by spreading on a bit of almond butter. You of course will  get your fiber in but also you’ll increase the  protein and provide some healthy fat.

Protein Shake

Here’s another of my favorites. I make up 3 at a time a save in my frig. Whether I walk out the door or take a break when working from home, my snack is there, all set to go. Now there are  way too many shakes full of sugar or ones that taste like you're drinking chalk,  so choose carefully. The one I really love not only contains tons of quality protein but also boasts high fiber and low sugar. Here's my favorite one.

Hope you now have some new snacks to add to your list. Reaching a healthy weight is an admirable goal. Keep at it and enjoy!

​Add These Fats To Your Diet To Lose Weight -7 Easy Ways

By Carrie | Weight Loss

For a long time, fat was a dirty word when it came to dieting. Raise your hand if you used to nom on fat-free Snack Wells or Cheezits back in the day. They turned to sugar as you ate them, but hey, they were fat-free!
To be fair, it can be confusing. Fat does have more calories per serving than other nutrients, plus, it’s found in high doses in lots of unhealthy foods.( think deep fried!) But, thankfully good fats have so many pluses! So let’s take a balanced look at what is good to eat and what isn’t. And how healthy fats that can help you slim down.

So how can you eat fat to lose fat?

Besides the benefits they provide your heart and brain, they can actually help you feel more full. Which means you won’t have those crazy cravings you do after eating simple carbs.
That’s because fat takes longer to digest, which means it’s an extremely satiating food so you won’t be hungry again anytime soon. And that’s a very, very good thing when you’re trying to lose weight.
Let’s look at some tasty healthy sources of fat you can incorporate into your diet. They’re good for you and great when you’re trying to drop pounds.

Top your salad with eggs

Eggs have really great healthy fats, and because those fats actually help you absorb the phytonutrients that are found in leafy greens, so they’re a perfect protein-packed salad topper. Protein and healthy fats topping greens. What a combo!

Roast your veggies in extra virgin olive oil

As we have seen there is a correlation between inflammation and weight gain.
And what does EVOO have that other oils don’t? Oleocanthal, a  compound that’s been shown to help reduce inflammation.
So make your salad dressings at home with extra virgin olive oil and use it when you roast veggies.  You can even drizzle a little on top to serve for extra flavor. Don’t forget, greens + healthy fats = more nutrients, so out with those fat-free dressings!

Nuts at breakfast time


Almonds, walnuts, and pistachios make a great snack for someone who wants to lose weight. They’re crunchy, tasty, satisfying, and if you buy them in the shell, they take a little effort to eat. ( now that might be tricky at breakfast if you’re in a time crunch)
Just practice portion control and measure out a quarter-cup. They taste great sprinkled them on oatmeal or in your granola and yogurt. And they help you feel full until lunch!

Add Chia Seeds to your oats

These water-retaining seeds actually help your waist to de-bloat. When you mix chia seeds with any liquid, it becomes a gel-like substance that is very, very filling. Try a spoonful in your morning oatmeal or smoothie to make it extra satisfying.

A Little Avo Before Bed

Aside from its traditional pairing with a slice of toast at breakfast, an unexpected way to take advantage of an avocado’s healthy fats is to take a quarter of this smooth green fruit and splash a bit of EVOO on it. Add pepper and you’re all set!  How’s that for a night time snack?

Add Nut Butter to Your Smoothie

Want to ramp up your Chocolate Protein smoothie? Add a  spoonful of your favorite nut butter (mine is almond) and you have an amazing taste explosion. You’ll also have the added health boost of antioxidants and minerals that your body needs.
And you’ll, of course, remain full for a lot longer. You don’t have to limit it to a chocolate. I use it in my Vanilla and Mocha Protein Smoothies too! (Here is my favorite Protein shake.)

Have a Fishy App


Why is fish is known as brain food? Plentiful omega-3 fatty acids are the reason, but they also help ensure that lean protein satisfies you. So have a fishy app! Opt for fatty or oily fish—which includes not just salmon but also arctic char, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, albacore tuna, halibut, and shellfish like oysters and mussels. An easy way to sneak these into your diet without making a meal of them: Pre-game your meal with an order of oysters.

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

By Carrie | Protein , Weight Loss

5 Signs You Should Be Eating More

The recommended amount of protein that you need is a broad range, rather than one hard number, so it can be tricky to identify what’s considered “not enough”.

If somebody is eating a 2,000-calorie diet, it could be 50 grams to 150 grams of protein per day. This is because things like your activity level and your weight influence where your ideal intake falls.

Not sure if you’re getting enough quality protein? Don’t worry about crunching the numbers. Instead, look for these signs that your body is begging for protein.


You Crave Sweets


One of the first signs you’re low on protein is you start craving sweets and feel like you could always eat a little more.

You would think that if you were needing protein, your body would crave a hunk of meat or a plate of eggs, right? But let’s look at one of protein’s most critical functions- keeping your blood sugar balanced. Which means if you don’t have adequate amounts of protein, your glucose levels will be up and down, which triggers grabbing a quick fix like candy.

In the morning (when it’s vital to start the day with protein) if you sit down at the table with only a bowl of cereal, yes, you’ll get a burst of energy, but it won’t last.

That glucose level yo-yo is where the cravings come in.

Your Brain Feels Foggy


And speaking of balanced blood sugar, it is essential for staying focused. You may feel a little foggy when you’re protein-deprived and your glucose levels are fluctuating constantly. Like your mind isn’t working on all cylinders.

Why? Because you don’t have a steady stream of carbs to provide your brain with the fuel it needs. When you eat protein at meals it helps time-release the carbs for steady energy rather than up and down spikes.

you’ll only experience short bursts of mental energy if you’re relying only on “fleeting foods,” such as crackers or bread. Then it’s back to the brain fog.


Your Hair is Falling Out

“If you have strong hair follicles they keep your hair intact,  on your head, where they belong, even though you tug on it all day and the wind blows it. But you need Protein, the building block of all of your cells—your hair follicles included.

if you keep skimping on this important nutrient, you may notice that your strands start thinning. ( although, this could also be a sign of other conditions, like a thyroid problem)

You Feel Weak


if you don’t get enough protein, your muscles may start to shrink over time since as we know, protein is essential for building muscle.

As a result, your body may feel weak and unable to do the exercises that were once no problem.

You Get Sick Constantly


If you seem to catch colds or infections more often than everyone else—and you’re otherwise in good health—a protein deficiency may be to blame.

Your biceps aren’t the only thing that protein reinforces. Protein is needed to build all the compounds in our immune systems.

And part of our immune system is our skin. It’s is a huge immune organ because it protects us from the environment. So another sign is that you constantly get hangnails. If your skin isn’t strong due to a shortage of protein, you may start to notice cracks and tears (like hang nails), potentially exposing you to pathogens and leading to infections.

6 Sources Of Plant Protein to Help You Lose Weight

By Carrie | Weight Loss

A key player in any weight loss program is Protein. That’s a pretty bold statement so here’s why.

Protein helps build and maintain your lean, muscle, which of course increases your metabolism to lose weight. Protein also keeps your diet destroying hunger pangs under control. 

Even though chicken and fish are delish ( see it rhymes;)  plant based protein sources are especially beneficial to help you lose weight since they also tend to be great sources of filling fiber and inflammation-fighting antioxidants.

And as a bonus, getting protein from plants means you’ll get more good-for-you nutrients and fewer calories.

You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy these delicious foods.

6 sources of plant protein to help lose weight


 Turns out, not only are beans good for your heart, they’re good for your waist too! Research shows that beans and pulses have a special combo of antioxidants, plant protein, and fiber, that help suppress your appetite and regulate hunger hormones.

What to Eat: You can use any bean to make delicious Hummus ( not just chickpeas) Remember to add them to soups or use to top a baked potato. ( Chili anyone!)


 Though tiny, these little guys pack a big protein punch with seven to nine grams per half-cup serving. Try hemp, pumpkin, chia, flax or sunflower seeds. They will  also help you fight off food cravings because they are rich in healthy fats

What to Eat: You can easily add seeds to your breakfast oatmeal, smoothies, or to salads!


Did you know one serving of soybeans has 20 grams of protein, along with calcium, manganese, and phosphorus? These are minerals that will help to keep your bones and muscles healthy.

What to eat: What about as a filling for your tacos or add a handful to a stir fry or cold pasta.


Nuts great protein to lose weight

Yes, you do want to proceed with moderation, but one-quarter cup of nuts or two tablespoons of nut butter will give you anywhere from seven to nine grams of protein. In addition to containing healthy fats and fiber to help you feel full longer, they are a great source of potassium which can help fight belly bloat.

What to eat: Spread nut butter on apple slices (or other fruit) or whole grain toast for a snack. And lightly toasted whole nuts are divine! Toss them into your hot cereal or salad.


 Do you want to knock out hunger and puts the kibosh on snacking between meals? Well, one cup of cooked lentils gives you 18 grams of protein plus fiber.  And for an amazing dish, just add Mediterranean spices!

What to eat:  Try them roasted or use as a topping for your salads and soups. You can even grind them and add to vegetarian meatballs.


Here is a real nutrition star.  Why? When you need a meal on the go, it’s so easy to shake up some great tasting protein powder. This protein powder has  24 grams of protein and all 9 essential amino acids. A complete (plant based) protein!

What to eat: You can mix in an endless array of add ins so it will never get boring. Nut butter, fruit, avocado, cocoa, greens, truly endless!

You didn’t know finding great plant based proteins to lose weight could be so easy and so tasty.!

Iced Coffee Protein Shake for Weight Loss

By Carrie | Protein , Weight Loss


A Healthier Version You Will LOVE

A great way to achieve a healthy weight is to take in less sugar and more protein! Research shows excess sugar will spike your blood sugar which can cause you to feel even more hungry, have mood swings (hangry anyone?!), and store excess fat. protein shake weight loss And of course, Protein is key reducing our appetite and keeping our metabolism high to burn fat and retain muscle.

So here is a healthy recipe of Iced Coffee Protein Shake that tastes amazing and is also a nutritious meal replacement. This is a great Iced Coffee recipe that is low in sugar and full of quality Protein. And it tastes great too!

Iced Coffe Protein Shake

1.5 cups of Ice

1 cup of unsweetened Almond Milk

1 cup brewed coffee cold

1 frozen banana

2 scoops Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder- Here is my favorite.  

Mix in a blender until smooth.

If you find it’s a little too thick, add a little more almond milk or coffee until it’s just right. If you find it’s too thin, add a little more ice or frozen banana. Feel free to change it up a by adding your own favorites such as unsweetened cocoa powder, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, oatmeal, or peanut butter.

These will also thicken it up. Don’t skimp on a cheapy Protein Powder. Use a high-quality one that is non-GMO, contains all 9 essential amino acids and tastes great so you will love to drink it.

Here is an excellent one that also contains added leucine to preserve lean muscle and achieve a healthy weight. Enjoy!