9 Best Morning Snacks for Weight Loss

By Carrie | Weight Loss

It’s the middle of the morning. Breakfast is now a forgotten memory and lunch is soooo far away. Weight loss is your priority but girl, you're getting hungry! It's not only distracting you but it's frustrating. And you don't want to cave in and grab anything in sight.  But wait! There's good news. Experts say it’s actually way better to reach for a mid-morning snack—and this is especially true if you’re trying to lose weight. 

You Might Gain Weight, Not Lose It

The time between your breakfast and your lunch ( 4 to 5 hours ) is plenty long enough for the average person to feel down right hungry. In your efforts trudge through until noon,  you might, in a brave effort to save calories, actually be putting yourself on the path to gaining weight, not losing it. Because the hungrier you are at lunchtime, the more likely you are to overeat.

And what you don't want is for your body to kick into starvation mode where you start retaining calories that you would normally expend. You know the vending machine and its array of chips and candy bars cannot be good! The answer?

A nutrient-dense mid-morning snack will give your body the energy it needs before lunch.

Healthy Mid Morning Snack

So what make a snack healthy and will actually help you lose weight? Well ideally they should provide:

  • At least 3 grams of protein. (here is an excellent source)
  • A minimum of 3 grams of fiber.
  • Less than 8 grams of added sugar.
  •  Less than 200 calories 

A little fat and carbs are OK but you want to focus on protein and fiber since those are the nutrients to tide you over until lunch. Here are some of my favorite (and nutritionist approved ) mid morning snacks to make sure you get some great nutrition and energy to help meet your weight loss goals.

Protein or Granola Bar 

What is easier to grab for a quick snack than a protein or granola bar?  The challenge is that many of the popular bars are very high in sugar and calories ( see our ideal list above) One choice is Kind’s Nuts & Spices Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar. How does it stack up? Seven grams of fiber, six grams of protein, and only five grams of sugar. It’s a great  snack, especially if you are craving something sweet. Here is another excellent choice with 10 grams of Protein

Cheese and Apple Slices 

One tasty option you can choose is Mini Babybel cheese that is wrapped in individual servings. These are great for mid-morning snacks. They will provide you with four grams of fiber and will only run you 70 calories. I often use my apple slicer to cut up an apple and toss it in a reusable container or a little baggie. So convenient and now you’ve bumped up your fiber content even more!

Berries and Plain Greek Yogurt

Can you believe this creamy snack is packed with 20 grams of protein and the berries make a wonderful fiber addition that is also low calorie. Being smooth and delicious is a welcome bonus.

Handful of Pistachios

Needing help to slow down while munching on your snack? Shelling these crunchy Pistachios will do just that. With six grams of protein and three grams of fiber per ounce, you’ll not only benefit from a nutritious snack but you can take your time munching.

Hard Boiled Egg and an Orange 

Missed your power packed protein at breakfast? why not have second breakfast. Hard boil a half-dozen eggs on the weekend and save in the fridge to enjoy during the week when you’re feeling a.m. hunger pains. If you combine with  a medium orange, you get a perfect combination of protein, fat, and fiber.

Low Fat Cottage Cheese and Banana 

Don’t forget cottage cheese! What a great source of protein at 14 grams  per ½ cup. When you add a small banana you now have three grams of fiber to keep you feeling full. Another favorite of mine is a few fresh pineapple tidbits swirled into my cottage cheese. Here’s where the sky is the limit.


Now this is a fun snack to eat and it’s an excellent source of protein and fiber. It just take a minute to enjoy desk side, when you steam some in the microwave and nosh away.

Cracker and Almond Butter 

Can you believe two WASA Fiber Crispbreads are only 60 calories? (And they contain three grams of fiber each) But don’t stop there.  Make your crackers more satiating by spreading on a bit of almond butter. You of course will  get your fiber in but also you’ll increase the  protein and provide some healthy fat.

Protein Shake

Here’s another of my favorites. I make up 3 at a time a save in my frig. Whether I walk out the door or take a break when working from home, my snack is there, all set to go. Now there are  way too many shakes full of sugar or ones that taste like you're drinking chalk,  so choose carefully. The one I really love not only contains tons of quality protein but also boasts high fiber and low sugar. Here's my favorite one.

Hope you now have some new snacks to add to your list. Reaching a healthy weight is an admirable goal. Keep at it and enjoy!

About the Author

It's definitely been a journey to focus on natural health and wellness because some days I wildly succeed and some days I could eat the whole carton of ice cream. So I learn and grow and write and share. And as we stick together and encourage each other, we can reap the rewards! to Live younger longer and Look younger longer!